Five car repairs best left to Auto mechanics

Posted on 10 November 2017 (0)

When your car needs repair, you may have the challenge of deciding whether to call a professional to handle it or to do it yourself. While you may have the sense of accomplishment and pride by taking care of your vehicle, there are certain repairs that should only be handled by certified professionals. Handling the repair, yourself may seem to be a way to save money, but it is not worth putting your life or car at risk. Car mechanics are experts with proper training to handle any car repairs safely and efficiently. Here are five major car repairs that you should professionals to deal with.  This advice comes from our friends at in Springfield Lakes, Queensland.

Air conditioner repairs

The air conditioning is a complex unit that requires proper care when handling it. Although AC repair may seem theoretically possible, you should not attempt it yourself. Whether your AC needs replacement or recharge, let professionals help you out. While it needs proper skills to repairs, the AC also requires the right tools which may be expensive to buy and learn how to use. Air conditioning repair is not that expensive, so it is a good idea to leave it for a professional and save yourself the hassle.

Tire alignment

Although you may find many guides on the internet addressing wheel alignment, this kind of repair is done best when left to professionals. Proper tire alignment requires proper skills which you may not be having. If your vehicle is not properly aligned, you may have less control over your car because it will be pulled in one direction. This will increase the chances of causing an accident, putting your life and the life of others in danger.

Auto body work

While you may see this as a no-brainer task, you would be surprised by the number of people who attempt bodywork on their own and do a shoddy job. This job needs the right tools and experience, otherwise, your car may look like it was painted by a kindergartener. Moreover, these processes use products that are toxic and therefore proper ventilation is required. Consider hiring professionals because they have the right tools and use the right techniques.  

Windshield replacement

Windshield repair and replacement often look so simple to the naked eye. However, this task requires special tools which the technicians always have. The windshield is an important component on a car because it not only protects you from the outside elements but also increases the strength of the car. Since the tools needed for the repair are more than you can pay a professional for the repair, consider hiring a mechanic.

Automatic transmission fixes

We can both agree that transmission problems are both common and very expensive to fix. If you take a close look at the automatic transmission of your vehicle, you will discover that it has gears, tensioners, rods and bearings that are confusing. Handling such a complex system without proper skills can cause detrimental results. Even if you need a transmission replacement, you may not be able to handle it lonesome because it is one of the heaviest parts of your car.

Common Signs Of Brake Problems In Cars

Posted on 24 June 2019 (0)

brake problemsMany problems can happen from your car’s braking system, and since your brakes are important to your on-road safety, you should know when your brakes need attention. So to avoid paying for costly brake repairs, let’s take a look at the common signs of brakes problems.

Brake warning light

If your brake warning light comes on your dashboard, this is a sure sign that you need to call in your mobile car mechanic to investigate the problem. Ignoring your brake light will only lead to more serious problems down the road.

Car pulls to one side

When you engage the brakes, if the car pulls to one side it could mean a number of problems. Your brake fluid may be leaking, your brakes might need to be replaced because they are worn or they could just need adjusting. Brake repairs don’t always cost an arm and a leg, because a simple adjustment isn’t all that expensive.

Car vibrates when you brake

When you engage the brakes, if your car or steering wheel or brake pedal vibrates, then it is likely that you have problems with your rotors. These are not too expensive to fix actually, so don’t worry about the cost, just make sure you call us for your brake repairs and we will fix them straight away.

Shrieking brakes

When you engage the brakes and you hear a screeching sound, all these means is that your brake pads need replacing. This is not a huge or expensive problem if seen to straight away. So simply set a date for your mobile mechanic to call around and you will be on the road in no time at all.

Grinding brakes

If you have ignored your screeching brakes for long enough, you will start to hear a grinding noise instead. This means that your brake rotors are beyond saving and there might be other problems as well. This might be an expensive fix, it just depends on what is involved.

Benefits Of Having An On-Site Car Mechanic

Posted on 31 December 2018 (0)

mobile car repairs collingwood parkImagine the stress the comes when your car broke down on the road and you have no one to call for help other than the towing company. Save yourself from the hassles of emergency car repairs by hiring an on-site car mechanic for your car service needs.

Most mobile car mechanics take their expertise straight to the clients’ location. They are mostly equipped with all the proper tools to deliver on-site car repair service right away. If you always drive your car, it would be useful if you keep a number of your local mobile car mechanic on your cell phone just in case you need an emergency car repair. This way you can get the car repair you need, especially when the car is in no capacity to run to the auto repair shop.

Benefits of using mobile car repair services

A mobile mechanic is no different from a station mechanic in terms of skills and experience in their occupation. Unlike normal stationary mechanics, where clients come to their shop, mobile mechanics take the shop to their clients to do their work.

Mobile mechanics will bring the tools to you, get your car fixed from your location. They are also prepared to work even in rainy weather condition.

Mobile car repair services eliminate the inconvenience of traditional car servicing. You do not have to worry about taking your car to a physical shop or having it towed to the shop. It also eliminates the trouble of waiting for the car fixed at the shop.

Make sure you find a qualified mechanic you can rely on. It is important to find a mobile car repair service that you can depend on in times of an emergency.

Mobile Car Mechanic Purga Tips: Why Consider Wheel And Tyres Upgrade

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mobile car mechanic purgaCustomization is so common to most car lovers. It is not just the interior that they are concern about, but more of them look forward on how they can enhance the exterior since most people would admire their vehicle from the outside.

With that in mind, most car owners are finding themselves by any means possible in making their car stand out from the rest. One of the auto upgrades that most enthusiasts look forward to is upgrading the wheels and tyres.

Why upgrade your wheels and tyres?

In truth, a lot of car owners consider great customization for their wheels and rims simply because they want that sporty look for their car and at the same time improving the driving experience. Many spend time finding the perfect design, the right brand and even the colour. Such steps are essential since the aim is to create the perfect set of wheels.

One consideration though for those who want customized car wheels is the actual cost of the upgrade because they do not come cheap. It is just natural to look for top quality car accessories and wheels, in particular, is no exemption.

If the wheels are made by major name-brand manufacturers, you can also expect that they create the best wheels in the market. And also the materials that go into production are high cost. Those who are going to do customization can expect that the newer wheels are light and responsive. When it is made of top quality materials you can expect elegant looks and excellent performance.

Today, car makers put tremendous time, effort and money developing and manufacturing great cars. We can also expect that their wheels are the same. Even with the aftermarket wheels, you can expect that they are ready to anticipate potential problems while driving as most of them are made by major-brand manufacturers.

In Search of Reliable Auto Repair

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Have you been troubling yourself as to the best and most reliable auto repair option within your reach? Unless you are aware of the specific industry, choosing the right professional might seem chaotic. However, you should not despair. On the contrary, there are quite a few simple and useful guidelines for you to take advantage of. If you do, it goes without even saying that your car service will not be a problem any more!

auto repair

First and foremost, you should ask around. Although it is not always the best tactic, hearing about the quality of services provided by car service companies might do the trick for you. After all, you will need local professionals who have lived up to the expectations and have managed to build a solid reputation.

Of course, online reputation also matters. So this means that you need to take online feedback into consideration, as well. Even though some of them might be biased, as a rule of thumb you will get quite enlightening comments and useful pieces of information on the web.

Then, it would be great if you could ask for the credentials of the auto repair service providers. In this way, you will be able to identify only the most experienced professionals with specialized knowledge and to-the-point training. Being a certified car mechanic means that the chances of high quality services increase.

Assuming you do all that and eigh all your options, you will have the chance to enjoy great car service. Through knowledge comes the right decision and therefore you should not be afraid of researching and gathering information. This is the only way you can be sure of the quality you get through auto repair. Since your vehicle is valuable to you, do not settle for anything less than the absolute top!

Best Tools Mechanics Use

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Equipment is of utmost importance to each profession, especially when it comes to manual labor and professions requiring precision. Being a car mechanic, you are going to need quite a few different tools. Since you cannot expect to pull through any type of project without your tools, it makes perfect sense why you should buy them as soon as possible and start getting organized. Below you are going to find a list with some of the most commonly used tools in the market for mechanics. So which are the best tools mechanics use nowadays?

List of Tools Mechanics Use

tools for a mechanic to use

First and foremost, you should make sure to get adequate supplies of screwdrivers and screws. They should come at different sizes, in order to cover your needs at work. As for the price rates, there are many offers out there including sets of screwdrivers at pretty reasonable prices. Next, you should not forget the importance of ratchets. You cannot work efficiently without them.

Pliers and vise grips are also essential, since the work of a mechanic requires precision and attention to detail. Making use of sockets and wrenches will add convenience and comfort to the work of a mechanic. Of course, there are many other different tools that can make your work easier and more efficient. For instance, you can buy bars that facilitate your work and various electrical tools. Some professionals will say that tools such as hammers are also practical.

The truth is that you will figure out which tools work for you and which ones are not that handy for you to make use of. You need to practice a lot, obviously, before concluding as to the list of the best tools for a mechanic to benefit from. So your professional equipment is bound to change over time. There will be many additions and modifications. But use the abovementioned tools as a rule of thumb and improve your work effectively!